RSS Reader Module

Download BrochureRSS Reader is an essential CONTEGRO® module for businesses wanting to increase the value of their websites in the eyes of their customers by providing a content rich environment. The RSS Reader Module allows you to link to external websites that provide RSS feeds to their information-based resources and display the results seamlessly within your website.

This module can be leveraged to build sustained customer involvement as your website content becomes more relevant and valuable to your customers. Use the RSS Reader Module to display information that is being continually updated by external resources such as currency and stock exchange figures or breaking news items from relevant media sources.


Suitable Uses

  • Related news items
  • Stock and currency information
  • Weather Information
  • Display Blog entries from relevant Blogs
  • Product releases from business partners

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format that allows online publishers to share and distribute content from online resources directly to other websites or a users computer via an RSS reader.

Using an RSS Reader within your website or enabling RSS Feeds from your website will help to create a content rich environment and can significantly increase website traffic.

This Module will be designed to suit your website. The example shown is indicative only.

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