Product Catalogue Module

Download BrochureContegro’s® Product Catalogue module provides an enterprise-level solution for displaying an extensive range of products online. Packed full of key sales-motivated features, this module will enhance your ability to display and promote products to your customers and website viewers.

The Product Catalogue Module caters for a broad range of cataloguing requirements which will provide the foundation for your business-to-consumer and business-to-business commerce needs. Amongst the many features of the Product Catalogue are; powerful image controls, search engine friendly URL’s, crossselling ability and unlimited advance pricing options for group or member pricing. Product navigation is integrated with global site navigation to give a seamless user experience and items can be clearly marked in or out of stock. The optional RSS output means that you can publish your catalogue directly to consumers.


Key Features

Flexible Categorisation

Manage and group thousands of products with no limit to the number of categories or sub categories. Products can also belong to multiple categories - perfect for multifaceted business structures.

Product Variations

Sell a base product with associated variations of the same product - different colours or sizes for example. Variants can be created in batches to save lengthy data entry. Independent generated SKU’s exist for each entry.

Product Searching

In addition to the search facility specific to the Product Catalogue which gives a precise option for locating products only, this module also integrates into Contegro’s® site-wide search function. When performing a universal keyword search, products and associated PDF’s are included in the results list.

Security Options and Advanced Pricing

Allocate different member-access and define price structures depending on whether you operate in a B2C or B2B environment, or both. Price Breaks give the ability to vary prices based on quantities chosen. Also, display fields depending on the members access, such as pricing and variant options.

Search Engine Friendly URL’s

Each product has a unique URL which is search engine friendly and can describe the product fully, making it much more likely that your products will rank highly in online web searches.

Multiple Product Pages

A veiwer can click ‘tabs’ to view multiple segments of separate information. Such as; full details, specification, and an image gallery.

Quick Enquiry Form

Enable your customers to make a ‘quick enquiry’ about a product they are insterested in by contacting you instantly through a pop up enquiry form.

Suitable Applications

  • Product listings
  • Business-to-consumer and business-to-business ecommerce
  • Online stores


This Module will be designed to suit your website. The example shown is indicative only.

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