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Download BrochureThe Contegro® Form Builder module is ideal for businesses that require creation of complex online forms. Packed full of simple to use features, this module will extend the way your business collects information via the internet and engages with your clients.

The Form Builder module is designed to enable you to gather and measure valuable information submitted by your site viewers. You can also link multiple forms together to provide multi-page surveys. Using a simple drag-n-drop interface, forms are designed and immediately integrated within your website, with optional spam prevention for peace of mind. Choose from an extensive range of field types, including:

  • Text & Memo, Email (with optional confirmation)
  • File & Image Upload (PDF, JPG, GIF, EXL etc)
  • Display & Hidden (only seen in reports or emails)
  • Numeric & Currency, Date/Time and Drop-down Date Picker 
  • Drop-down and Multi-select Lists
  • Single-select Radio Buttons & Multi-select Check Boxes


Key Features

Automatic Member Recognition

Your website Members will benefit from this feature when they login, as forms are automatically linked to Members contact and delivery details, streamlining the process website members.

Single-handling of Customer Details

The Email Sign-up check-box field is available when the Email Marketing Add-on module is installed. New sign-up’s are automatically triggered in your Email Marketing database.

Automate Fields

Values can be preset by passing the parameters from elsewhere in your website using a website link. E.g. Help customers with their enquiry by linking to a form from a Product page with the ‘Product Name’ predefined.

Valuable Calculations

Carry out complex or basic calculations to display a calculated result. E.g. A total price calculated from products selected via the Product Catalogue.

Built-in Visibility Control

Form elements can be shown depending on previous fields. E.g. Show ‘Region’ if ‘New Zealand’ is selected or show ‘State’ if ‘United States’ is selected.

Customized Responses and Post Process Script

You have total control with online messages and response emails. And forms can be dynamically sent to any number of different email addresses depending on the customer’s email address. E.g. Emailed to Sales or Support.

Smart Graphic Reporting

Comprehensive online reports can be exported externally to MS Excel where data can be further measured, making it the ideal for online surveys. 

Module Integration

The form builder seamlessly amalgamates with the following add-on modules to provide a fully integrated solution: 
Events Calendar – registrations or enquires relate to specific events 
Store Locator – enquiries emailed directly to individual stores 
Email Marketing – sign-ups are mapped to the email database
Payment Gateway – allows for an order form for online payments

Suitable Applications

  • Customizable website forms
  • Email newsletter sign-ups
  • Multi-page surveys
  • Data collection forms
  • Payment integration
  • Job Applications
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