Download BrochureThe Contegro eLearning® module is ideal for online training courses, quizzes, tests or exams with automatic marking to help streamline online learning. It’s a great option to keep mobile sales staff correctly informed and trained on new products and services!

This module is strategically designed to automatically mark a question and return a ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ result when answers are submitted, so candidates will know immediately if they have passed or not.

Tests are setup within the Form Builder add-on module and can be easily linked together, so that successful candidates can progress onto subsequent tests - which is a feature that significantly sets this module apart from others and is effective for administration and reporting.


Key Features

Category Grouping

E-Cards can be categorised into various groups, such as; business products, celebrations or events. For example; Birthday’s, Christmas, Easter.

100% Accurate

The module compares submitted values (answers) against a list of correct values in the database, so there’s no cheating!

Multiple Answer Fields

Test answers can be set to any of the following field options: Drop Down and Multi Select Lists, Radio Buttons & Check Boxes.

Result Options

The results can be shown in the following options: the result can be displayed on screen on a conclusion page, sent via email and the module can also add the candidate (a logged in member) user to a group, such as a ‘pass’ group to enable them to proceed to other tests.

Automatic Notifications

Messages and notification emails can be worded to suit your requirements.
For example:
You have passed Training Module 1 with a Score of 5 out of 5.
Your Correct answers were: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Please continue to Training Module 2.


A detailed reporting function (accessible through the Form Builder Module), enables you to see all candidates that have passed a test. 

Suitable applications

  • Up-skilling staff
  • Training off-site sales staff
  • In-house staff learning
  • Class-room quizzes and tests

    Required Modules

    • Form Builder
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