E-Commerce Lite

Download BrochureThe Contegro® E-Commerce Lite module is a simple no fuss 2-step ordering process that will ensure your customers return back to your website to buy again and again, or recommend to their friends and associates!


No product list is too small for Contegro’s® E-Commerce Lite module. Take advantage of the simplicity of this module from both sides; administration and customers, and benefit from increased revenue and the lure of repeat business.

Simplicity is the key with this Contegro® Add-on Module. Product management is simple and can be performed by your staff directly through the easy-to-use interface. Purchasing is simple, as your customers select products, variants and quantities from one key page – where total costs are instantly and automatically displayed – and then complete their delivery details to proceed onto their chosen payment option.

If you have previously experienced frustrating issues using a shopping cart system that was too hard to manage and wish to improve your online sales opportunities, then Contegro’s® E-Commerce Lite module will not disappoint!

Key Features

Effortless Administration

It’s easy to configure currency and tax rate through the Contegro® console, setting options such as; Default Currency, Tax Amount, Tax Country and whether pricing is inclusive of tax. Specifying a ‘flat-rate’ shipping cost per ‘Region’ or ‘Country’ simplifies logistics for both administrators and customers.

Multiple Payment Options

This Contegro module conveniently supports various payment methods from secure online credit card facility to offline payment methods such as; cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Instant Payment Gateway

Equipped with Contegro’s® Credit Card Payment Gateway module which integrates with a number of Payment Gateway providers, this is a total solution to make the process easy and instant for customers.

Confirmation and Receipts

Too often, sales are lost because these simple features are not readily available. With the E-Commerce Lite module, an email confirmation is simultaneously sent to your business and your customer and they can print off a receipt instantly.

Order Reporting

Your customers’ order details are captured in the Contegro® database and can be viewed online at any time. Handy options for filtering are by ‘date range’ or ‘payment status’.

Flexible Variant Control

Product variants are not restricted to the ‘base’ product. Variants allow for colour and size with individual prices applied.

Suitable Uses

  • For companies with a product range of under 40 products
  • For products that are updated regularly, such as; books, art, software, imported items, uniforms and clothing


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