Sourcing content for your blogs

Author -  Labyrinth Solutions

  1. Take the pertinent points out of one of your old articles and turn into into a list of ‘Top Tips’ related to that subject.
  2. If you’ve got a long article,  think about breaking it up into separate posts.
  3. PowerPoints, whether for internal or external use are a great source for blog articles. Of course, check that you are free to release some or all of the information contained within them!
  4. Make use of articles or interviews that were submitted as PR but which didn’t end up getting used.
  5. Make use of articles that did get used for PR, but make the new post an update about that previous release
  6. Scan news papers, magazine or other blogs to see what other people are saying, then make your comments about them – remembering to refer to the source article.

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