Case Study // Website Strategy Boosts PSP's Sales During Building Recession

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Moving to a website content management solution has saved this North Shore distributor thousands of dollars, and at the same time increased their sales.

"I hate to think what would have happened if we hadn’t updated our website technology to suit our changing business model"

says Chris Booth, Marketing Director of PSP Limited, a North Shore based importer and distributor of high-tech building materials.

"The business had recognised that the market was changing, and we needed to focus on our trade clients. However, that meant that the number of technical specification documents we needed to deliver would have to increase dramatically."

For many years, PSP (which turns over more than $20m per year) had supplied both retail and trade channels roughly 50% each. With the introduction of more technical products, for which specialist knowledge was key, PSP now needed to focus its attention on the specifiers and designers who would influence their market direction.

With such a broad range of products, sending out a single catalogue was not the answer. "With so many products to choose from, how would clients know where to file our catalogue?" asks Chris, "and anyway, by the time they’re ready to specify the product the catalogue would be out of date and we would need to send them a new one. The costs of that were enormous."

As Chris points out, many businesses have to make these changes of focus, but for PSP, the introduction of Contegro, their new Web Content Management System was a key part of their strategy.

"Last month alone we delivered approximately 15,000 technical documents through our Web Content Management system.” says Chris.

And if you are wondering what 15,000 specification documents looks like, it’s a stack of A4 paper approximately two metres tall!"

Increasing web traffic is the key

"A key part of our strategy has been driving traffic to our website" says Chris.

"So many businesses are almost ashamed of their website and only have a site because it’s generally expected. For PSP, our site is integral to our business model. We drive traffic to it by making sure our web address is on every piece of customer correspondence."

That increased focus has reaped rewards; with the improved exposure of the site through Google, the number of unique visitors increased by around 40% between June and July alone. Over the last year, the number of visitors has doubled.

"Our experience with Labyrinth has been a positive one" says Chris.  "We knew that we’d be entering a long term relationship as this was such a big project, so it was important that [Labyrinth Director] Vaughan Reed and his colleagues seemed to understand our needs. Total control of the content was a key factor for us; Contegro has delivered this, along with being fairly easy to use. Lots of web firms can deliver a good-looking web site, but to us it was even more important to get the technology and performance right."

Key Benefits

Other benefits that PSP attribute to their switch to a high-end content management solution include:

  • PSP polled over 1000 website users to get their feedback on usability and relevance
    of the information.

    The most important result of all. "Increasing the number of downloaded documents has been important to the business, but that’s not the end of it. More importantly we can definitely point to increased sales as a result of our switch to Contegro”, concludes Chris.
  • Better results in Google searches. The inclusion of so much technical information, coupled with easy navi-gation has resulted in their number of new site users increasing month after month.
  • An finally, a shorter development cycle. A new product was launched onto the market recently. The specification document was only written in June, the product was being quoted on in July, and the company has projected sales for as early as September. “That would have taken many months using a traditional print-based process” points out Chris.

The Solution

Like any forward-looking company PSP’s website is an important window into the company, allowing it to reinforce its up-to-date image and wide product range.

Intelligent use of graphical navigation means that users can find what they need quickly, despite the huge library of product information.

PSP’s technical document library is split into two sections:

  1. The public area allows any user to download both technical and marketing documents on the wide variety of products that they import.
  2. For more advanced users, including Project Managers, Architects and Engineers, a simple one-step registration process gives them access to an even great depth of information. CAD files, technical manuals and installation guides are available in a wide variety of formats.

Content can be updated in real-time through a web browser by users who may not have specialist web knowledge. Contegro’s powerful features allow additional features such as voting polls and category lists to be added to web pages without the involvement of skilled web designers and programmers.

Comprehensive reporting options inside Contegro means that the marketing team at PSP can see which documents are the most popular, and who is downloading them. 

"Encouraging clients to give feedback is essential"

"We used to have a fairly static website, and updating the content took ages”, Chris Booth of PSP reflects.

"With the introduction of Contegro Content Management software from local firm Labyrinth Solutions updates now happen in real time."

"We recently got a comment from a user about a small spelling mistake on the site. We immediately updated the site and thanked them for their feedback. That’s hugely beneficial to a business; letting their customers know they are listened to."

Chris also explained how PSP had recently run a survey to ask clients what they thought of the new website.

"We offered an iPod as a prize for the best feedback", he says, "We were pleasantly surprised how many of clients wanted to be actively engaged in the process. They were even more impressed when we told them what changes we had made as a result of the survey."

About PSP Ltd

Import and distribution company, established in 1984. Imports plastic sheeting, timber and flooring products for use in high-complexity architectural applications. Has headquarters in Albany, Auckland and offices in Hamilton Wellington and Christchurch.

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