Learn how to make Email Marketing work for your business

Author -  Labyrinth Solutions

Fine-tune your database and join the revival of business email campaigns. 

You will help your business if you capture relevant information about your clients/customers via any form of contact with them. Once your database is up-to-date using the simple techniques shown in this webinar you will have a powerful marketing tool.

  1. Sync member and email subscriber account information
  2. Manage email subscriptions within the Member Manager
  3. Grow your email database using online forms
  4. Segment your database for a personalised approach
  5. Access the powerful online reporting tool
  6. Using mobile friendly flexi-templates

Key takeaways form this webinar: 

You can link all your Contegro website forms (including member signup), update and add members manually, create custom fields and segments and we showed you how simple and effective our flexi-templates are. We also showed you how to really personalize your emails – if a client sees their own details – they won’t question why you have sent the email and be less inclined to unsubscribe. When you know that the data is up to date within all your marketing segments, you can confidently send targeted emails to specific segments rather than hit-or-miss generalised emails.

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