Integrated Email Marketing Solutions: Why Email Marketing is Still Very Much Alive

Author -  Karen Mills - Design Director

Over recent years there has been an influx of different digital channels such as: social media, SEO and content marketing. These channels have pushed email marketing from the forefront of our minds for lead generation and for client retention and engagement. However, email marketing is not a dying breed. In fact it’s still very much a cornerstone of the digital marketing landscape and it should be a core part of our marketing strategies.

A Benefit Driven Form of Marketing

If you don’t have an email marketing system integrated into your website or if you have but you are not harnessing its potential then, you are simply throwing a business advantage away.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of generating leads and nurturing customers. I’m not saying that you will not spend a single cent for miscellaneous cost like software, design and on-going coordination. However, compared to other marketing channels the overhead is a lot less.

Email’s an effective channel of communication with existing customers. As you know customer engagement and retention is vital for repeat business. With consistent and regular email campaigns you can engage customers. You can do this by: introducing new products, offers, discounts or by simply updating them with latest news and trends from your business or industry.

Furthermore, you can get to know and understand the needs of your customers through email surveys. This helps you profile quality customers. From a survey, you can create a list according to level of interaction with your business i.e. regular customers, potential customers or just spectators.

Integrating Email Marketing Tools with Your CMS

Are you now wondering how email marketing could work for your business? Get to know your customers a bit more and utilise the fact that almost everyone who’s on the Internet – at home or in the office – uses email. Even though social networking tools are predominant for image sharing and updating your status, email still remains as the online communication tool that everyone understands.

There’s no better way to go about an email marketing campaign than by integrating it with your CMS to make use of existing databases. This simplifies the process and creates a seamless way of tracking information gathered from your website. A good example of this is the Contegro CMS with its email-marketing module. Contegro’s email marketing module is a simple yet powerful tool that organises your existing customers and leads for easy and detailed profiling. It also manages and streamlines email subscriptions.

Watch our webinar on email marketing using Contegro as we show you how to make email marketing work for your business

You will get information about: 

  • Syncing member and email subscriber account information
  • Managing email subscriptions within the Member Manager
  • Growing your email database using online forms
  • Segmenting your database for a personalised approach
  • Accessing powerful reporting graphs and statistics
  • Using 'flexi' templates

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