How to pitch a website to your boss and win

Author -  Labyrinth Solutions

What’s this webinar about? 

We talk to a lot of Marketing managers and we know that many of you are under intense pressure.

  1. You’re expected to get results, but
  2. you’ve taken the biggest budget cuts!

Worse still, many of you tell us that your bosses don’t really see the value in a good website and continue to push marketing along less productive avenues.

If you face either of these two difficulties, this webinar will help you convince your boss of the very real benefits a good website that is pro-actively managed will bring to the business.

Who will benefit?

Although primarily designed for Marketing Managers, the people who will benefit most are the company directors and shareholders as we’ll be showing them how a good website will increase their bottom line. However, we want to help you shine in the process too – to vindicate what you’ve been telling them all along.

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