Facebook – how to use it for business marketing.

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As a website company, almost everyone we speak to in a business context ask us about Social Media and whether they should be engaging in its use. 

When I was at University learning about marketing (before the internet was even invented!!), one of the key things I learnt was that effective marketing is about reaching those people who you want to do business with, and the best way of doing that is being where these people are. 

At the time this meant going to the networking events they would be at, advertising in the publications they were likely to read or on the TV or radio stations they were likely to prefer. 

Obviously this all stands now, and with a membership of over 500 million people Facebook now represents 'The Place' to be! 

However, knowing where to be and what to do once you get there are two entirely different things! Fortunately I have come across an excellent E Book by Hubspot.

"How to Use Face book for Business"


Covered within its easy read 20 or so pages, is advice on: 


  • Understanding and setting business goals for Facebook use
  • The difference between personal profiles and business pages
  • The benefits of networks within Facebook and how to join
  • Privacy settings
  • Facebook advertising  

This book is a fraction out of date – for example at the time of writing Facebook had only (only indeed!!) 200 million users which has now swollen to 500 million, and businesses no longer have fans, instead these are called 'Likes", but nonetheless, this is an excellent source of information for those interested in using Facebook to assist their businesses.

We'd be keen to hear of any other recommendations you might have regarding how to use social media for businesses, so if you have any ideas, or can suggest useful sites or blogs to visit, please do post a comment - we're really keen to hear from you! Thanks

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