Creating Business Opportunities using a Commercial CMS

Author -  Karen Mills

A website is a company's ‘face’ to the public. It's a ‘shop window’ of opportunity for customer engagement and retention, both lead to an increase in revenue.

NZ businesses are becoming very savvy in regards to online marketing and maintaining a company website is becoming a top strategic priority. Some use an open source website CMS while others go for a commercial website CMS. Coming from the business end, questions are often raised as to which is better and more convenient to manage. We have written about this topic before, and have raised these questions here again to help you with your decision, so please read on if you're considering a new website CMS soon.

Built-in Functionality Absent in Open Source CMS

A lot has been said about commercial CMS software being expensive, however, in regards to the price, it is comparable or even less than hiring a web developer for open source CMS. Likewise, the beauty of commercial CMS is that it has built-in functions that are absent in open source CMS.

One of the best commercial CMS solutions on the market is Contegro. An example of the unique built-in functions is Contegro's multi-tasking functionality. It allows you to open multiple windows and do tasks simultaneously. This lets you easily compare similar pages in less time. You can tackle your tasks more efficiently than you could in another CMS. Furthermore, it has many practical plugins that are custom-fit to your business. You do not need to look hard and compare many plugins in the market because Contegro delivers your business needs without you needing to ask.



Non-Technical Staff can Manage Your CMS

With an open source CMS, you may need a technical person 24/7 especially when your business requires heavy back-end and front-end assistance.

On the other hand, Contegro CMS lets you have full control of your website with navigational features that are easy to understand and remember. You do not need to hire an additional technical person to do coding and navigate through complex features because Contegro makes everything easy for non-technical staff.

Full Support from People Who Know the Code Inside and Out

As you know a website is an important component of a business' marketing mix. It is imperative that your site is up and running all the time with minimal interruptions and issues. Contegro guarantees support from technical staff that knows the system inside and out should you ever need them. 

With open source CMS, you have to sift through different foray to know how you can solve issues in your CMS. However, with Contegro CMS support is just a phone call away. Someone can walk you through the process if you need immediate support.

Offers Scalability around Your Business Needs

One of the best opportunities you can take out of a commercial CMS solution like Contegro is that it grows with your business.

Businesses should grow and improve. Some grow faster than others. There are business needs that some open source CMS cannot immediately provide. However with Contegro, keeping up to date with current trends is a continuous process. Your business needs are easily met as you expand and grow.

Contegro keeps up-to-date with modules and plugins that can target a wider market giving your business access to better opportunities and more potential customers.

Ready to explore new opportunities with your Website CMS? Contact Labyrinth Solutions to find how we can help you.

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