Are your web results good enough?

Author -  Vaughan Reed

If not, it’s likely that you’ve fallen into a trap we call the ‘ Website Vicious Cycle’. Unfortunately, not many people have heard of it and like most things undiagnosed, until you’re aware of it you can’t do anything about it.

Before we look at this detrimental tradition, let’s see how websites, when done well can help your business.

  • They can significantly increase your brand exposure and reach segments of your target market that you wouldn’t otherwise. 
  • They break you free of geographical constraints allowing you to increase your reach
  • They act as silent salesmen. Handling sales prequalification, increasing the quality of the inbound leads and your chances of converting them into business. E commerce sites act as a direct point-of-sale, again increasing reach and reducing average costs of sale.
  • Website results are highly measurable, allowing for very precise return on investment calculations.  

We can prove that websites have a lot of benefits, so why aren’t you getting great results and can you change the outcome for the better?

The Website Vicious Cycle

1. Reluctant Investment

We’ve analysed the web marketing activities of literally hundreds of companies and have found that a strong belief in the power of website marketing is essential. Where this is lacking, the investment tends to be reluctant, and costs are minimised wherever possible.  

It’s strange, but we’ve often found that companies that go down this route often invest heavily in other so called assets of the business. The amount of times had meetings in richly appointed board rooms only to find that when it comes to investing in an asset that could really grow their business, they want to cut as many cost corners as possible.

2. Average Website

When cutting corners on cost, the best result is likely to be an average website, at worst a poor one. 

Typical areas of weakness with such sites include:

  • Poor design. A website is often the first point of contact with your company, so a poor design  gives a poor first impression and negatively impacts on brand equity.
  • User experience is hugely important in determining website success. Considerable thought and planning, plus expert guidance from experienced professionals in this field is required.
  • Poor content planning and delivery. This impacts on the user experience, but will also determine how the site performs in the search engines. 
  • Technical shortcomings. This includes poor on-page search engine optimisation (SEO) procedures, an inflexible content management system, and limitations integrating the website to your other business systems such as your CRM or stock control systems etc.

3. On-going site management and input

Effective website management requires constantly analysing performance and testing and tweaking to improve. Poor sites often don’t give you this analytical information, or don’t allow you to make the necessary changes. A good website CMS is a definite requirement.

Even when they do, companies within the vicious cycle suffer from 2 additional issues:

  • The lack of management commitment means resources are simply not allocated to this area.
  • Lack of guidance. In such a fast changing environment, expert guidance is required. Where belief is lacking, it’s unlikely that the company will have invested in internal expertise, and if they’ve opted for a cheap site, they’re unlikely to get it from their provider. 

4. Average Results

An average website with average on-going management, input and guidance is only ever going to generate average results.

5. Reinvestment

Within 2 – 3 years the company will notice that its site has dated and will decide to get a new website. However, the cycle will repeat itself, the original reluctance reinforced because the last investment only ever produced average results.

Not a very pretty picture is it? Do you recognise your situation in this? Most marketing professionals do see the value in a good website supported by proactive management. Unfortunately, too many of them are frustrated by bosses that don’t.

What can you do to break free? Give us a call! We have a unique approach that will get your boss on board and allow you to conduct marketing that will get results and see you shine in your boss’s eyes.

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