4 Success tips for the new web

Author -  Allan Kent [Guest]

This Blog piece is a summary of an excellent article written by Rich Bergsund, CEO of wine.com and published on the Forbes website.  A link to the full article can be found at the bottom of this piece.  My intention here is to present a concise summary on what is a very relevant piece of information.

So, with the online environment changing so fast, how do marketers and business owners know which new developments to adopt and which to hold fire on - temporarily at least?

Rich's four tips are:

  1. Concentrate on proven methods to build a healthy base of clients that are profitable to the business. Only once this has been done effectively should you explore more experimental approaches.
  2. Watch trends before diving in. Being an early adopter is not always a good thing as not everything works! He advises looking at broad social trends and seeing which of these you can best leverage off. The example he uses is mobile marketing, i.e. adapting your marketing to cater directly to those people who access the internet via their smartphones. There are plenty of statistics to support mobile's growth and your own eyes will tell you just how prevalent these devices are in society today. What's more, the likelihood is that this will continue to grow exponentially.
  3. Listen to your customers. Actively ask them what they like, what they don't, and what they really want from you. Your website itself can play a huge role in this with online surveys, voting polls and integrated Blogs allowing feedback.
  4. Respond, act and deliver. Don't just listen to your customers - respond, act and deliver what they tell you they want. Often adopting customer based ideas can give you a real competitive advantage.

The full article explains things in more detail and is a must read. Click here.

In the meantime, do you have any thoughts on the 4 points above?


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